Training Ministry

We are committed to serving and helping pastors and churches to motivate their members to share Christ with others in their community, and to train them if needed to confidently and effectively share Christ with others in their daily lives. We facilitate People Sharing Jesus seminars in churches to help train pastors, leaders, and members to powerfully and effectively evangelize their communities. People Sharing Jesus, written by Dr. Darrell Robinson, is an exciting, breakthrough evangelism tool that provides training ideally suited for Christians at all levels of spiritual maturity who might be uncomfortable, reluctant, or fearful. It will instill today's visual learners with the knowledge, confidence, and inspiration to successfully share Christ. People Sharing Jesus enables all Christians to experience the thrill of sharing Jesus with others just as God intended. We also encourage & challenge churches to continue to teach & help new believers to become the faithful disciples that God wants them to be.





"Darrell Robinson, in his book, People Sharing Jesus communicates in a convincing way, that evangelism occurs in a natural way, as the overflowing result of walking closely with God. Through People Sharing Jesus, you will find inspiration and the knowledge needed to successfully share Jesus. - Billy Graham - People Sharing Jesus Book Preface

"I recommend People Sharing Jesus to those who have sought to know God and do his will and who nurture a desire to witness for Christ to the people." - Henry T. Blackaby (Author of "Experiencing God")

"most of the brothers and sisters have become confident in the Lord and dare all the more to proclaim the gospel without fear".                                           Philippians 1:14