Meet Our Family

About Kevin & Nancy Bart

Here is a picture of our family taken on a family vacation in May 2005. Kevin and Nancy have been married since August 1982. Kevin accepted Christ in 1985 when he was 27. Before serving in missions full time in 2005, Kevin served in churches in a variety of areas, including teaching Bible studies and discipleship classes, leading the prayer ministry in 2 churches, outreach ministry and witnessing training, AWANA's... Kevin loves to teach the Bible and to preach the Gospel & share Christ with others. He developed two 6 week Bible studies called Pursuing Intimacy With God ( Kevin prayed in 1995 that God would allow him to serve Him full time, but did not get the chance until years later. God started to call Kevin out of the business world, and in late 2004 God told him that he would someday sell his business and serve Him full time. For more than 1 year we did not know what this would look like, but we were sure that God had been speaking, and that He had been giving Kevin a growing desire to leave the business world and to serve God full time. On a mission trip in July 2005 to Sao Paulo Brazil through our home church in Marietta Georgia, God spoke very clearly and strongly to Kevin that this is what He had made him for - to boldly share the Good News of Jesus with people in Brazil. God placed His own immense love for people in our hearts, and placed His passion to reach out to people who need to have peace with God and eternal life. We sold our business, home, cars,... and are using our own money to join God in His redemptive work.

 Nancy with our dog Sampson when he was a puppy.  Nancy trusted Christ at the same time Kevin did in 1985. She has faithfully served the Lord in various areas before serving full time in missions, including singing in the choir, AWANA's, co-leading a college age Bible study class.... Nancy loves the Lord and she  enjoys singing in the choir. Nancy also loves animals  (birds, dogs, fish, cats,...), and loves to share the  Good News of God's love and Jesus with others. In  April 2006 Nancy was diagnosed with a very rare type  of thyroid cancer. Thanks to the prayers of our families and our American and Brazilian brothers & sisters in Christ, and thanks especially to God and His grace, Nancy was cured of all the cancer before our move to Brazil. Nancy is a very special Godly woman filled with a love of life, and filled with God's mercy and love and compassion for others. Though initially resistant (for a couple of days) to the idea of selling everything we had and moving to Brazil to serve God, God has touched Nancy's heart with an obedient servant's heart, and with a love for people.

Our oldest son John accepted Christ when he was 4 years old, and has felt God's call on His life to missions when he was 13. John attended Berry College in Rome GA before we moved to Brazil, and he finished getting his degree online in Business Management in June 2008. John loves weightlifting, and like his mother he loves animals. John also likes most sports and camping. He worked with us to share Christ in Brazil until June 2009, when he returned to live in the Atlanta area. He is currently working as a business administrator. In October 2012 John married Danielle, a Brazilian from the state of Goias. In 2014 John and Danielle moved to West Palm Beach FL, and John works in the accounting & training department in a hotel management company and Danielle is studying to become a dental assistant.

 Anthony is our next oldest son. He graduated from  high school in May 2006 and stayed in the Atlanta  area to attend Kennesaw State University. He  graduated with a degree in Business Management in  December 2010. Like his brother John, Anthony also  likes weightlifting and most sports, and he also loves  playing golf. going to the beach, going to amusement  parks. Anthony has been very active in his church youth groups, and has served on leadership teams and on a worship team. He moved to Miami in May 2011, and he works in marketing at the University of Miami, where he will soon begin to study for his MBA.

Dan is our youngest son. He finished his last 3 years of high school in a homeschool program while he lived with us in Brazil, and returned to the Atlanta area in 2009 to attend college at Kennesaw State University. Dan likes cats, video games, and computers, and he loves to work on cars. In 2014 Dan moved to West Palm Beach and is a fund accountant at a reputable investment firm.


Our Statement Of Faith

"My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit's power, so that your faith might not rest on men's wisdom, but on God's power.    I Cor. 2:4-5