Kevin & Nancy Bart - Sharing Christ In Brazil - September 2010 Newsletter

Dear Friends, we praise God for the privilege and honor of joining Him in His mission of seeking and saving the lost here in Brazil. We are always mindful of the fact that it is an honor to be a servant of the Living God, and we are also mindful of the fact that we can do absolutely nothing without Him. Please continue to pray for us and with us, for God's continued presence & blessings & power & strength as we join Him in reaching out to those who are without Christ, for His glory. We are seeking Him and asking Him to enable us to reach as many people as possible for Jesus. As always we really appreciate and need your prayers in this spiritual battle for souls. May God bless you as you faithfully serve Him.    - Kevin & Nancy  

"We are not irreplaceable to the Lord. He will achieve His purposes. The question is this: Will we be a part of Godís activity, or will He find someone else? We deceive ourselves if we think we are indispensable to God. Service to the Lord is an honor God bestows on us, not a favor we do for God".   - Experiencing God devotion

Recent Events & Results:

August 2-4:  Speak at EMEF Gota de Leite municipal school in Santos 

We worked with Igreja Batista Nova Jerusalem, and they did a great job helping and supporting and praying for this outreach event. We spoke in the school on Monday morning and Tuesday afternoon, and the school has students in 1st through 5th grades. Then we spoke to a group of adults studying at night on Wednesday night. When we speak at night the adults appear more difficult to share Christ with, but God did a great work in the hearts of the people and 44 of the 48 people we spoke to received Christ and committed their lives to Him, including 2 teachers and the coordinator for the night period. Overall 296 students and 10 teachers and 2 school coordinators received Christ and committed their lives to Him. We had a great time in the school, and they very much appreciated our coming to help their students & teachers & families. The school also has accepted the church's offer to do more with them to help the families of the school.


                     Nancy & I with the church team                            Interpreter Ricardo and I speaking in a class             Speaking with interpreter Rebeca to adults at night       

August 8: Preach at Primeira Igreja Batista Itapema in Guaruja

We have started to work with Pastor Genivaldo and the church recently, and we will be working with them in our outreach project in September in a large school that will take 6 days to speak in. Pastor Genivaldo is the president of the association of Baptist churches in this area, and he invited me to preach in his church's 2 night services before our project in the school. That night was Fathers Day in Brazil. I spoke about God's desire to have close fellowship with all of us (I Corinthians 1:9) and that it is His call for all of us. I also spoke about His desire & passion for all men to be saved (2 Timothy 2:4 & 2 Peter 3:9) and have a restored relationship with Him, and how God wants to put His desire & passion into our hearts, so that we will commit & live to join Him in His passion to reach people for Christ. We praise God that the message was well received and that the Holy Spirit touched many hearts. At the end of the message I shared the Gospel, and we praise God that 3 people received Christ as their Lord & Savior and committed their lives to Him. We are looking forward to seeing what God is going to do in the school in their community in Guaruja in September, and in the future.


  Pr. Genivaldo paying tribute to fathers                                Interpreter Rebeca and I Rebeca                             Some of the people in the first service

August 16-17: Speak at EMEF Constant municipal school in Sao Vicente

We did our Quality Of Life outreach project in EMEF Constante school this past Monday morning and Tuesday afternoon, which is a municipal school in the city of Sao Vicente. We worked with Primeira Igreja Batista Sao Vicente, which is close to the school. Our interpreters for the project were Isabelle, Leticia, and Atila, all of whom are members of PIB Sao Vicente. On Monday we had 274 students and 3 teachers that accepted Christ and committed their lives to Him. Then something unusual happened, which has never happened before in the more than 70 schools we have spoken in here in Brazil. Apparently after our visit on Monday morning, a mother came to the school and complained that her son had prayed with us to receive Jesus ... her complaint was not that she didn't like us speaking about Jesus or about how to have a personal relationship with God and eternal life with Him through Jesus ... her complaint was that her son had already prayed with her to receive Jesus and she did not like it that he prayed with us. After her complaint the school insisted that we not pray with the students & teachers after our speech, so on Tuesday we could only do our speech, including sharing the Gospel, and then explain the prayer, but we could not lead them in the prayer. We tried hard to convince them to let us lead the prayer and lead & guide them in the process of receiving Jesus, but they would not let us. So we decided to do what we could and trust God with the results. We know that God was touching and speaking powerfully to many of the students and teachers. In one of the classes that Nancy spoke in, the teacher asked her to go ahead and lead the prayer in her class, and all 30 of the students and the teacher received Christ and committed their lives to Him. We are confident that God worked mightily that day, for His glory.


              Nancy and interpreter Isabelle sharing Jesus                        Nancy & I, Leticia, Isabelle, & Atila                          Interpreter Leticia and I speaking in a class               

August 22: Preach in Igreja Batista Ponta da Praia in Santos

We have been working with Pr. Ezequias and the church since the beginning of the year, and we did our Quality Of Life project in a school with them in June. The service was run by the "jovens" (youth & young adults) group, and they asked me to preach in one of their services during their August emphasis on "jovens". A member of the church, Alyne, was my interpreter. I spoke on God's call and plans for our lives, and how He is on mission to reach a lost world. As God called us to do, I encouraged and challenged every member of the church to join God in His mission and work of "seeking and saving the lost". At the end we shared the Gospel and 2 people accepted Christ and committed their lives to Him.


         Some of the "jovens" leading worship                               Preaching with interpreter Alyne                         Sharing the gospel at the end of the service  

August 30-31:  Speak at EMEF Auxiliadora municipal school in Santos 

This is a municipal school in Santos for students in 1st grade through 5th grade. This was our first school working with Igreja Batista Centenario. We spoke to 9 classes on Monday morning and 9 more on Tuesday afternoon, and Andreia & Ludmilla helped as our interpreters each day. The students, teachers, and school leaders were very grateful for our coming to help them, and we enjoyed our time with them very much. God did an unusually powerful work in the hearts of the teachers, and many received Christ and expressed interest in the church as well. We praise God that 339 students and 15 teachers accepted Christ, and that the school director Antonio expressed an interest to receive more help from the church for the families of the students.


           some of the students in an afternoon class                      Sharing Jesus with interpreter Ludmilla                 Nancy & interpreter Andreia praying with students     

Prayer Requests & Praises   

* Thanks for praying for Nancy and the problem she had with a bacterial infection in here eyes. She is much better, praise God. Her vision in one of her eyes is till not 100%, but it is much better.      

* Please pray that God will touch & save many people, for His glory, in our upcoming events:  Sept. 13-16: Speak at EE Marechal do Ar school in Guaruja ... Sept. 24  :  Speak to parents at EE Marechal do Ar school in Guaruja ...   Sept. 26  : Preach at Igreja Batista Getsemani in Guaruja...  Sept. 27-30: Speak at EE Tancredo Neves school in Guaruja.

* Please continue to pray for us as we are in the process of obtaining dual citizenship. We spent the months of July & August getting the necessary preliminary documents that the Brazilian government requires, and there are only a couple of preliminary documents we need to get. There is a lot of bureaucracy in Brazil, and the procedures are very time and energy consuming.

* In September we will start having meetings with schools to schedule outreach events for 2011. Please pray that God will open many doors & good opportunities for us to share Christ, for His glory.

* We praise God that we received the approval to speak in the state schools in the cities of Sao Vicente, Praia Grande, Itanheam, and Peruibe. We also had a very good meeting with the dept. of education for the municipal schools in Guaruja, and we are expecting to receive their approval soon.

Special thanks to Rebeca, Felipe, Ricardo, Isabelle, Leticia, Atila, Alyne, Andreia, and Ludmilla for helping us as interpreters in recent events in June. You are very special to us, and we appreciate your help and your willingness to serve the Lord.

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