Kevin & Nancy Bart - Sharing Christ In Sao Paulo Brazil - September 2009 Newsletter

Dear Friends,  we had a great trip to the US in late June & July, and we got to see our families and many friends for the first time in almost 3 years. After our trip and after an extended winter break in the schools due to swine flu concerns, we finally got to start helping churches to share Christ again. It is great to be back joining the Lord in what He is doing here, and we look forward to seeing what He is going to do in the future. We have many things going on now, including selling our house and preparing to move to Santos, so please continue to pray for us. As always we really appreciate your prayers and your love & support.  

- Kevin & Nancy   "What I have said, that will I bring about; what I have planned, that will I do"   - Isaiah 46:11

August Events & Results:

August 18-20 : EE Gallicho school , Mooca - Sao Paulo

We worked with Pastor Manoel and Igreja Batista Ebenezer in this school for 1st grade through high school. They also have a couple of classes at night for adults. On the 1st day one of our interpreters got sick and could not help us, but we did not know it until after we arrived at the school. Thankfully the school coordenator Flavio speaks English, and he was our interpreter that day. He is the 1st school coordenator that we have met in over 50 schools that speaks English. God always provides. Not only did he interpret for us, but he also accepted Christ in one of the classes, as did the principal Celia and 602 students and 13 teachers. The church also will be able to continue to work with the school and the families, and they have already discussed scheduling some events and programs. 


       Pr. Manoel, Flavio, & interpreters Eduardo & Victor       Nancy & interpreter Flavia after speaking in an adult class    Rodrigo and I praying with students & teacher                   

August 24-26 - EE Padre Grigolli school, Sao Caetano do Sul

This is the school that we spoke in 4 years ago when we were on a mission trip, when God called us to serve Him in Brazil. We worked with Igreja Evangelica Avivamento Biblico and members of their youth and young adults group in the school for 5th grade through high school. Unfortunately we had a problem in one class where the teacher would not let Nancy and her group finish saying the prayer, even though the students wanted them to finish and even asked the teacher if they could finish. This is only the 2nd time something like this has happened, and thankfully it is rare here. God touched many hearts & lives, and  686 students and  11 teachers accepted Christ. 


Nancy sharing Jesus with Priscila & Roberto                  High school students praying to receive Christ                   Speaking in a class with Junior & Giorgio           


  Interpreters Elma & Ingrid & the church team             Nancy and interpreter Elaine speaking in a class         Interpreter Pamella and I leading students in prayer

Aug. 31 - Sept. 2 : EMEF Roquete Pinto school,  Aricanduva - Sao Paulo  

Sometimes the hardest part of our work here is getting to the places we are speaking. We had 3 near accidents on the first day alone, 2 on the way and 1 on the way home from the school. This is a tough place to drive, and we cannot even tell you how many near misses we have had. This school is located in the East Zone of Sao Paulo in a fairly poor area. We worked with Pastor Marcos and Igreja Batista Vila Antonieta in the school for 1st through 8th graders. They also have adult classes at night. We spoke 16 times on the 1st day, 17 times the 2nd day, and 6 more on the 3rd night, so we are definitely tired after visiting this school. God moved in a great way and 947 students and 23 teachers accepted Christ, and the school wants the church do more to help the students & families.


 Nancy & interpreter Alessandro sharing Jesus         Interpr. Fabiane & Alessandro, Pr. Marcos & our team         Nancy leading the students in prayer              


Interpreter Adriane and I sharing Jesus in a class               Interpreter Paulo & Nancy with some students                   The school leaders & our team                      

Prayer Requests

* Please continue to pray for us as we are selling our house and looking for an apartment to buy in Santos, where God is leading us to serve Him. We are praying and hoping to move there before the end of the year, and then we will help churches to share Christ in Santos and surrounding cities starting next year, as well as continue to do some things in Sao Paulo.

* Please pray for me. I had some type of hemorrage in my right eye and have some swelling of the optical nerve, and now am undergoing some tests to find out what caused it. It could have been caused by a brain tumor behind the eye, hypertension, or diabetes, or possibly by some medicine I was taking for sinus/allergy problems. Thankfully my eyesight has only been slightly affected at this point, and we praise God that tests show that I do not have diabetes or hypertension, and most likely do not have a tumor.

* Please pray for our son John, who is still looking for a job in the Atlanta area. He has been looking for 2 months since he returned to the US. 

* Please pray that God will bless and use the following upcoming events in September to reach many people for Christ , for His glory :   Sept. 14-16 -  Speak at EMEF Flores da Cunha school in Sapopemba - Sao Paulo  ;  Sept. 20 - Preach at Primeira Igreja Batista Sao Joao Climaco - Sao Paulo ;  Sept. 22-23 - Speak in EMEF Francisco Bueno school in Vila Industrial - Sao Paulo ;  Sept. 27 - Preach at Igreja Batista Projeto Familia in Vila Industrial - Sao Paulo.

Special thanks to the interpreters that helped us in August: Rodrigo, Flavio, Eduardo, Victor, Flavia, Rogerio, Junior, Priscila, Pamella, Elaine, Elma, Ingrid, Alessandro, Fabiane, Adriane, Paulo, and Adriana. You are all very special to us and we appreciate your willingness to serve the Lord.

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