Kevin & Nancy Bart - Sharing Christ In Brazil - September 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friends,   It is hard to believe how quickly this year is going by, and that we will be closing out the year in a few short months. We are reminded once again of how quickly our lives pass by, and that what we do for God's eternal kingdom is really the only thing that matters in the end. May we all be found to be faithful to our Lord, and may we all keep our focus on what is important. We are in the middle of a period of several months where we will be sharing Jesus with over 12,000 people, and when we are in periods like this we typically face many adversities and challenges. Please pray for us, for God's strength and perseverance, and that God will be glorified by all that we do. We thank you for your prayers, and we want to assure you that your prayers make a difference.   - Kevin & Nancy

"You ought to rejoice when God asks you to proceed in the work of His kingdom, because you know the victory is already secured. Donít focus on the problems and failures of others. Focus on Godís assurance of victory." - Experiencing  God devotion

August 1-3: Speak at EM Judoca Ricardo Sampiao school in Caruara

We held our Qualidade De Vida (Quality Of Life) outreach project in this municipal school located in Caruara, and we are praising God for what He did in the hearts and lives of the students, teachers, and school leaders. Caruara is a poor small village tucked away in the forest between the cities of Guaruja and Bertioga, and is about an hour and 15 minutes from where we live. We know the principal of the school, Joelma, because we worked with her church (Primeira Igreja Batista in Cubatao) in a school earlier this year in Cubatao. Joelma helped as one of our interpreters, as did one of the teachers Anita and her sister Atani. We spoke 3 days in the school, which is for students in 1st to 9th grades. They also have some classes at night for adults. The project went great, and the receptivity of the students and teachers to the Gospel was incredible. In some of the classes every student and the teacher accepted Christ. God touched and prepared many hearts before our visits, and 396 students and 9 teachers and the principal's assistant accepted Christ and committed their lives to Him.


              Kevin and interpreter Joelma in a class                      Nancy & interpreter Atani sharing Jesus               Anita passing out  a discipleship tool in a night class

August 15-19 : Speak at EE Walter Scheppis school in Guaruja

Despite a rough start to our week long outreach event at this state school in Guaruja, God empowered us to overcome the adversities, and in the end He produced much fruit and He gave us many victories. We very nearly had an accident on the way to the school on the 1st day, and then when we arrived we discovered that the church we were supposed to work with decided not to help us (without notifying us). The pastor later told us it was because in a previous school event they worked with us, many had accepted Christ but only 1 person is going to his church afterwards. Also, we had to rearrange the schedule and reorganize our interpreters for the entire week after the 1st day, since the school needed to change their schedule. The school is for students in 4th grade through high school, and many of the students and teachers eagerly listened to our message. God prepared many hearts before this week, and 851 students and 8 teachers accepted Christ and committed their lives to Him. The school leaders were very pleased with our project and message, and they recommended us to 6 more schools in Guaruja. God is mightily at work, and all of the glory and praise goes to Him.


     Some of the students in a high school class                  Nancy & interpreter Mariana sharing Jesus                  Kevin and interpreter Jessica speaking in a class


     Nancy & interpreter Tainara leading prayer               Interpreter Mayara passing out a discipleship tool             Kevin & interpreter Alex praying with a class   

August 21: Preach at Igreja Batista Jd. Casqueiro in Cubatao  

The church has been led by Pastor Alberto for the last year. Previously the church was without a full time pastor for 2 years and a good number of people left and went to other churches. Pr. Alberto is working on building up the church once again. We have begun to work with them to help them share Christ in their community. We will be working with them in a nearby school in September, and we will perhaps do some other evangelistic services and events with them in the future. The message was about how God wants all members of the church to participate in His work and join Him in His mission to "seek and save the lost". At the end of the service I shared the Good News of Jesus and 4 people accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior and committed their lives to Him.


     Kevin with interpreter Camila and Pr. Alberto                      Some of the people in the service                            Preaching the Good News with Camila          

August 29-30 : Speak at EM Antonio Pacifico school in Sao Vicente

We originally had a school in Santos scheduled to do our outreach project this week, but they recently cancelled. We had to scramble to find another school to speak in the week before the event, and God answered our prayers for another opportunity. Our friend Patricia, who is a member of Capela Calvario church in Sao Vicente and has helped us as an interpreter in other schools, helped us to get in to speak in her school. She is a teacher at the school in Sao Vicente, which is the oldest city in Brazil. The school is for students in 1st through 9th grades, and is located in a poor area in the city. There are many problems in this area of the city with drugs, crime,... Several people from Capela Calvario church helped as interpreters - Kaka, Brunna, and Patricia. God did a great work in the hearts of the students and teachers in the school, and many gladly received the Good News of Jesus ... 916 students and 18 teachers accepted Christ and committed their lives to Him, and several inquired about the church afterwards. Please pray that they will have a heart to know God more and grow closer to Him, and that they will get involved in a good church.


               Patricia helping to share the Good News                Interpreter Kaka & Kevin speaking in a class                       Nancy handing out a discipleship booklet           


                Some students at break time                                    Interpreter Brunna helping in a class                         Another group of students (6th grade)             

Prayer Requests & Praises

* Please pray that God will touch and save many people during our upcoming events, for His glory:  

 Sept. 4  :  Preach at Igreja Peniel in Cubatao  ...   Sept. 12-15 :   Speak at EM Nobrega school in Cubatao   ...   Sept. 26-28 :   Speak at EM Lorena school in Cubatao

* Please pray that God will pour out His spirit and awaken more churches in this area, and that He will give them His desire and passion to seek and save lost people and to make disciples.

* We praise God that our son Anthony got a good new job in Miami recently. Thank you for your prayers for him.

* We praise God that Nancy is no longer having problems with her back. Thanks for praying for her.

* Please pray for our son John, as he looks for a new job. He is working now, but he is having problems there and needs to find a better place to work.

Special thanks to our interpreters Joelma, Atani, Anita, Jessica, Mayara, Mariana, Tainara, Alex, Camila, Patricia, Kaka, and Brunna,  who helped us in recent events. We appreciate your faithfulness and willingness to serve the Lord.  

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