Kevin & Nancy Bart - Sharing Christ In Brazil - October 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friends,  We are very excited about a special time we will be having in October. A 6 person team from 2nd Baptist Church in Cedartown GA will be coming for 9 days to help us to share Jesus and reach people for His Kingdom. This is the first time we will have a church come down to help us, and God has opened up some great opportunities. We will be able to do about 2 months of work in 1 week, which is a great blessing to us. We will be working with 3 churches here, and we will speak in 5 schools and also have an outreach event to visit homes to share Jesus. It will be a very busy and a great week. Please pray for us and for the 6 people who will be visiting ... for good health, safety, strength, and also for God's Spirit to empower us to share the gospel. God bless you and thanks for all of your prayers.    - Kevin & Nancy

The seventy-two returned with joy and said, "Lord, even the demons submit to us in your name." He replied, "I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions, and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you. However, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven." - Luke 10:17-20 

September 4 : Preach at Igreja Peniel in Cubatão

We have recently begun to work with this church located in the Centro (downtown) area of the city of Cubatão. The church is led by Pastor Roberto, and we will be working with them in a large municipal school in Cubatão the last week of September. As is normally the case, Kevin preached in the church before the school outreach project, to encourage all members of the church to participate in God's Kingdom work of seeking outside of the church to reach people for Jesus. The church seemed to receive the message enthusiastically. At the end of the service we shared the Gospel and 3 people accepted Christ and committed their lives to Him. Praise God.


               Pastor Roberto and Kevin                                                 Some of the people in the service                          Kevin and interpreter Patricia sharing Jesus

September 12-15 : Speak at  EM Nobrega school in Cubatão

This week we worked with Igreja Batista Jd. Casqueiro in the municipal school UME Nobrega, which is located in the Jardim Casqueiro bairro (neighborhood) in the city of Cubatão. The participation of the church was good, and they had 3 or 4 people helping us every day. The school has students from the 5th grade to high school, and also has night classes for adults. We originally had a different school in the same bairro scheduled, but they have to reschedule for next year. Thankfully God gave us another good opportunity. Many of the students live in a favela (slum) known as Vila de Pescadores, so many of them come from poor families. God touched and prepared many hearts to hear the Gospel, and 721 students (including more than 100 adults studying at night) and 11 teachers accepted Christ and committed their hearts to Him. One teacher was very emotional as Nancy was sharing Jesus in her class, and she prayed to receive Christ and commit her life to Him. Afterwards, she threw away her cigarettes in the trash, in front of her students in the class (she is in the picture below on the left).


        Nancy and interpreter Amanda in a class                Us, Amanda & Fabio, and partof the church team        Kevin & interpreter Marcilene sharing Jesus w/ adults

September 24: Speak at a Community Service Event in São Vicente

 We had the privilege of helping Primeira Igreja Batista São Vicente put on a community service event at a school in the bairro of Vila Margarida, which is a very poor community in the city of São Vicente. The church provided services such as counselors, psychologists, eye doctors, haircuts, food, clothes,... for poor people. The turnout from the communitywas very good, and the church had 85 people volunteer their time to minister to others. We had the privilege to speak to 2 groups of people during the event, and we are thankful for the opportunity to help others and to share the Good News of Jesus with them. We praise God that over 300 people were ministered to in various ways to meet their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, and that 8 adults and 36 children or adolescents accepted Christ and committed their lives to Him.


             The event was held at a school                                    A little boy getting a haircut                                        Other people getting haircuts             


          One of the groups we shared Jesus with                       Interpreter Atila and Kevin sharing Jesus                    Some of the church volunteers and children         

September 26-29 : Speak at  EM Lorena school in Cubatão

We worked with Igreja Peniel in this municipal school in Cubatão for students from 1st to 9th grades. They have night classes for adults also. The participation of the church was very good, and they sent 5 or 6 people each day to help, including Pastor Roberto. We had to rearrange the schedule as the week went on because of changes in the school schedule &/or schedule conflicts, which is very common here. This creates more work for us because we have to reorganize interpreters and people to help us, and it can be frustrating, but it is what it is and we have to deal with it often here. Also, we have to go back one morning in November because 11 of the classes were out on the day we spoke in the morning period. God touched and prepared many hearts of the students, teachers, and school leaders, and many joyfully listened to the message. 861 students, 16 teachers, and the Vice Principal accepted Christ and committed their lives to Him. We also had some opportunities to talk about the church privately with some of the students, which is what we always try to do if possible. We are not permitted to talk about a specific church in the classrooms, so we talk about how it is very important to have a good church to help them to grow in their new relationship with Jesus and to help them in their lives, and we also tell them that they can talk to us privately if they need help to find a good church. Also, we praise God that the school recommended us to many other municipal schools in Cubatão.


      Kevin and interpreter Fabio speaking to a class                 One of the groups of students & teachers                   Nancy and interpreter Amanda sharing Jesus       


          Us with Pr. Roberto and the church team              Nancy & interpreter Elisa speaking to an adult class       Kevin & interpreter Camila sharing Jesus with adults 

Prayer Requests & Praises

* Please pray that God will touch and save many people during our upcoming events, for His glory:  

 Oct. 9 :  Preach at Igreja Batista Chico de Paula in Santos ...  Oct. 15:  Evangelistic visits to homes with Capela Calvario in São Vicente ...   Oct. 16 :  Preach at Igreja Batista Nova Jerusalem in Santos ...  Oct. 17-19 : Speak at EE Visconde Sao Leopoldo school in Santos ...  Oct. 18-19: Speak at EM Therezinha school in Santos ...  Oct. 19-20 : Speak at EE Enio Vilas Boas school in São Vicente ...  Oct. 19-20 : Speak at EE Armando Victorio Bei school in São Vicente ...Oct. 21: Speak at Colegio Batista school in São Vicente.

* We have begun to have meetings to schedule outreach events at schools and with churches for 2012 ; please pray that God will guide us and that He will open many doors and good opportunities for us to share Jesus and reach lost people.

* Please pray for the team of 6 people from 2nd Baptist Church of Cedartown GA that are coming to help us from Oct. 13-22 ... pray for safety, good health,... we praise God for their willingness to sacrifice their time and resources to help us to help churches here to reach people for Jesus.

Special thanks to our interpreters who helped us in recent events in September: Patricia, Amanda, Fabio, Tatiane, Marcilene, Atila, Camila, and Elisa. We appreciate your faithfulness and willingness to serve the Lord.  

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