Kevin & Nancy Bart - Sharing Christ In Brazil - November 2010 Newsletter

Dear Friends,  We are rejoicing and praising God for the great things He is doing, not just here in Brazil but all over the world. It is a joy for God whenever someone repents and comes back to Him, and it is a great joy for us to join Him in His kingdom work. Although this work is not easy and at times it is very difficult, the joy of having the undeserved privilege of joining God and seeing others come to Christ more than makes up for the difficulties. Thank you so much for praying for us and for those we are trying to reach for Christ.      - Kevin & Nancy

"Bring the fattened calf and kill it. Let's have a feast and celebrate. For this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found. So they began to celebrate".    - Luke 15:23-23

"Our job is not to transform people into Christians nor to convict them of their sin. It is not our responsibility to make people do what they ought to do. Our task is to bring them to Jesus, and He will perform His divine work in their lives".    - Experiencing God devotion

Recent Events & Results:

October 4-6:  Speak at EMEF Lourdes Ortiz school in Santos 

We spoke in the EMEF Lourdes Ortiz municipal school in Santos on a Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and it went great. We worked with Igreja Batista Ponta da Praia in the school, which is for students in 1st grade through 8th grade. Because the school was having some remodeling work done, half of the students are temporarily attending classes in another school near downtown Santos, and the other half are at the regular school. So we went to the school near "centro" first each day to speak in some classes, and then to the other school to finish up. God worked in a mighty way in the school, and many hearts were open to hearing of God's love and many were receptive to the gospel. In 3 days 633 students and 17 teachers accepted Christ and committed their lives to Him. The school leaders were very happy with our project and with how the students responded to the message and were open to receiving help for their lives. Of course all of the honor and praise goes to God.


                  Kevin & interpreter Rebeca sharing Jesus                  Nancy and interpreter Andreia speaking in a class              Interpreters Leticia & Rebeca and our team                  

October 10: Preach at Igreja Batista do Horto in Santos

Kevin had the privilege to preach at Igreja Batista do Horto, which is a small church in Santos. The "bairro" that the church is located in is a mix of middle class to poor people, with a favela as part of the area. We have started working with Pastor Anderson and the church to help them to share the Good News of Jesus in their community, and we will be working with them in a school in late November. Our friend Rebeca was my interpreter. The message was well received by the church, and at the end I shared the gospel and 7 people accepted Christ and committed their lives to Him. It is always a joy and a privilege to serve God in this way. After the service we enjoyed some cake and Guarana (a popular soft drink in Brazil) with the church, and we enjoyed getting to know some of the members better.


      Kevin and interpreter Rebeca                                       Some of the people in the worship service                                    Kevin & Rebeca sharing Jesus         

October 18-20: Speak at EE Cleobulo school in Santos

The week we spoke in this school was difficult for us, and was filled with various problems and challenges. We always have to rely on God for His strength, wisdom, and grace, or we would never be able to handle the warfare and battles that we frequently have to face. Even though it was a difficult week, we saw God do great things in the lives of the students and teachers that we shared Christ with. We praise God for always leading us victoriously in Christ. We worked with Igreja Batista Nova Jerusalem in the school, and their participation was excellent. We had at least 4 people from the church every day helping us, plus several other members were our interpreters. The majority of the students were adolescents, as well as some adults studying at night. God powerfully touched many hearts and lives during the week, and we praise God that 635 students and 10 teachers accepted Christ and committed their lives to Him. We had the opportunity to talk to many students during break times, and a good number had questions about the church. We had one conversation with a young man who said that he does not believe in God, and we recommended that he asks God to show to him who He is and that He is real, and that God will certainly answer this type of request.


       Nancy & interprter Felipe sharing Jesus                                         One of the high school classes                                  Kevin & interpreter Rebeca speaking in a class     


            Our team on Tuesday night at the school                Nancy talking with some students at break time                      Our team on Wednesday afternoon                

 October 25-26: Speak at EE Julio Secco school in Praia Grande

EE Julio Secco is a state school located in the Solemar area of Praia Grande, which is about an hour from where we live in Santos. It is a small school with 4 classes for each period, with high school students in the morning, 5th through 8th grades in the afternoon, and adults at night. We spoke in 4 classes in the morning and in 4 more in the afternoon on Monday, and then in the 4 adult classes on Tuesday night. Andreia and Marcela were our interpreters on the first day, and Camila and Elisa helped us on the 2nd day. We were supposed to work with Primeira Igreja Batista Solemar, but unfortunately no one showed up to help from the church on both days, even though the pastor committed the church to help. We had a great time in the school, and God did a powerful work in the hearts and lives of many people there, and 220 students and 9 teachers and the school coordinator accepted Christ and committed their lives to Him. The school leaders loved the project, and they asked us if there was anything we could do to continue to help their students & families. This is exactly why we work with a church near the school, so that they could continue to minister to the people & families, and to do the important follow up work. This was an opportunity that God opened up for the church, but unfortunately they missed it.           


                             Andreia, Nancy, & Marcela with a group of students                 One of the adult night classes praying                                        Elisa, us, and Camila                                                  


Prayer Requests & Praises   

* Please pray that God will touch & save many people, for His glory, in our upcoming events:  Nov. 8-9: Speak at EE Lamia school in Guaruja ...  Nov. 14  :  Preach at a Missions Conference at Igreja Evangelica Projeto de Deus in Santos ...   Nov. 22-23: Speak at EMEF Waldrey Almeida school in Santos ...  Nov. 24: Speak at "Mais Educacao" program at a school in Guaruja ... Nov. 28: Preach at Primeira Igreja Batista Cubatao ... Dec. 5, 12: People Sharing Jesus seminar at Primeira Igreja Batista Cubatao

* Please pray for Nancy, as she continues to have a problem with blurry vision in one of her eyes. Even though the infection she had in her eye is long gone, she still is having problems seeing. Please also pray for Kevin, as he too continues to have a problem in one of his eyes as a result of a hemorrage problem he had last year behind the eye.

* Please pray that God will bless and empower the churches we work with to be able to minister to, teach, and disciple the new believers who recently have received Christ.

Special thanks to Rebeca (3 times), Leticia, Andreia (2 times), Filipe, Joao, Vinicius, Marcela, Elisa, and Camila for helping us as interpreters in recent events in October. You are very special to us, and w e appreciate your faithfulness and willingness to serve the Lord.

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