November 2008 News

Dear Friends, ministry-wise October was another great month, and God did some wonderful things here in Sao Paulo. We spoke in 3 schools, and we also shared Christ at an evangelism event at a church in Sao Paulo. Overall 2477 people accepted Christ, including 49 teachers, a vice-principal, and a school coordenator. One new thing we have started is to have Nancy do part of the speech in the schools, and she is doing a great job. Thank you so much for your prayers. They are greatly appreciated and are making a big difference here. Personally, this past month was a very difficult one for us and our family, as we experienced many problems and challenges. Please continue to pray for us. Below is a summary of the events we had in October.           - Kevin & Nancy (2 Corinthians 3:4-6)

October 4 : Young adults (jovens) group at Igreja Batista Boas Novas - Sao Paulo

I had the privilege of speaking to a group of 50 young adults at Igreja Batista Boas Novas in Sao Paulo, which is where we normally go to church when we are not preaching or doing a seminar at another church. I spoke on God's call and plans for their lives, and about how God's call for all of our lives is first to have close fellowship with Jesus (I Corinthians 1:9), and also that God wants all of us to share Christ with others. I also shared about God's call & vision for our ministry here, and about the great things He is doing here.

October 6-8: EMEF Antonio Machado school ; Ipiranga - Sao Paulo

We worked with Pastor Elibenton and Primeira Igreja Batista Ipiranga in this school, which has 1st through 8th grade, and adults at night. We praise God that 504 students, 11 teachers, and the school coordenator accepted Christ, and the school is very open to working with the church to continue to help the students and families.


    Interpretor Priscila and I sharing Jesus           Our group and some students at the school          Interpretors Juliana & Elaine, Nancy & John     John and interpretor Renato speaking to adults

October 18 : Evangelism Event at Igreja Batista Luz Para As Nacoes 

We have worked with Pastor Roberto and this church in 4 schools this year in the Sapopemba area of Sao Paulo, which is a very poor area in the east zone of the city. The church had an evangelism event for children and adults, and invited us to speak and to share Christ. The event was attended by about 70 people, and 12 children and 2 adults accepted Christ.


  The team from the church leading the music                      Speaking with interpretor Filipe                     Some of the people attending the event              Sharing Jesus with the children and adults      

October 20-22 : EE Luiza Mendes school ; Sao Lucas - Sao Paulo

We worked with Pastor Enio and Igreja Batista Vila Primavera, and we saw God do many wonderful things in people's lives here. We spoke in 18 classes on Monday and in 18 again on Tuesday, and then in 10 classes on Wed. night, and we praise God that 1233 students and 17 teachers and the vice-principal accepted Christ. One teacher told John that she was having trouble with her husband and she was depressed and sad when she came to school, but after she accepted Christ she felt much better and she knows that things will get better with God's help. One student said that she had been feeling very dark and empty inside, and the morning we came to speak she had prayed to God for help and to show her that He is real. When John spoke in her class she knew God sent us, and she was very happy after she accepted Christ. We never get tired of seeing how God lovingly works in people's lives.


   Interpretor Alessandro and I sharing Jesus             Pastor Enio handing out "Livro Da Vida"            Us, interpretor Victor, and the church group        Interpretor Eduardo and I talking to students

October 29-30 : EE Orlando Silva school ; Pq. Sao Rafael - Sao Paulo

This school is for students in 1st grade through 4th grade, and we had a wonderful time working in the school. The school leaders and teachers are very open to receiving help for their students & families, as this is a poor and needy area in the east zone of Sao Paulo. God moved in a mighty way here, and 675 students and 20 teachers  and a school employee (Joao - John in English) accepted Christ. We will probably be able to speak to the parents of the students at a parents meeting sometime next year.


 Interpretor Adriane and John sharing Christ            Interpretors Gabriela & Fabiane and us          Interpretor Gabriela and I speaking to students        Joao, Nancy & John, Adriane, Ruth, Filipe


Prayer Requests For November

* Please pray for our son Daniel. As most of you know, he was being treated for depression (which is much better), and also has been getting treatment for compulsive behavior that causes him to have alot of anxiety. He took too much of his medicine for anxiety and had to go to the hospital for 2 days because of some serious side effects. He is off of this medicine now, but is still having some complications. Please pray that the doctors can get all of this under control, and pray for him as he prepares to return to Atlanta next June for college.

* Please pray that God will touch and save many when we speak in 5 schools in November:  Nov. 4 (Campinas), Nov. 6 (Sao Joao Climaco - Sao Paulo), Nov. 10-12 (a school for adults in Sao Mateus - Sao Paulo), Nov. 24 (Sao Lucas - Sao Paulo), and Nov. 25 (a school/day care in Sao Bernardo). We will also be speaking in an English school on Nov. 22 in Sao Bernardo. 

* Please continue to pray that the churches we are working with will be able to continue to work with the schools and with the new believers, to help them grow and to disciple them.

* Please pray for God's guidance and blessings as we are having meetings at churches & schools to schedule events for 2009. Praise God that we have already been able to schedule events for March and April 2009, and also we have added several new churches to our team for the special project in schools.

Special thanks to all of the interpretors that helped us in October: Sara, Priscila, Renato, Elaine, Juliana, Adriana, Filipe, Alessandro, Juninho, Eduardo, Victor, Elizabete, Karina, Fabiane, Gabriela, Ruth, Filipe, and Adriane. You are all very special to us, and we really appreciate your help.  

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