Kevin & Nancy Bart - Sharing Christ In Brazil - May 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friends,  What a joy it is to see God touching hearts and working in so many lives. Many are being touched and reached for Jesus, and with God's grace many believers are growing in their relationship with Him and becoming faithful witnesses and servants for His glory. God has truly prepared a great harvest here, and like the Bible says, there is a need for more workers to bring in the harvest and to help teach and disciple the new believers. Our greatest challenge here is not with the lost people we meet and share Christ with in churches or schools or others places, as many are ready and gladly hear & receive a word from God; it is not with the schools, as most of them are gladly welcoming us in; it is not in finding interpreters to help us to share Jesus, as we know many who are willing & excited to help; our greatest problem and challenge is finding churches who are willing to work hard and do whatever it takes to reach lost people, and then to do the important follow-up work of caring for and teaching and discpiling the new believers. In 3 of our 4 outreach events this year so far, the participation of the churches who committed to help us was weak or non-existent, and typically these churches will do little or nothing in terms of follow-up work. Please pray that God will awaken more churches here and that He will give them His love, passion, and vision for reaching lost people and for making disciples. Thanks for your continued prayer support - your prayers make a great difference.    - Kevin & Nancy

"But the Lord stood at my side and gave me strength, so that through me the message might be fully proclaimed and all the Gentiles might hear it.   - 2 Timothy 4:17

April 9: Speak to Young Adults Group at Ministerio Evangelico Meshareth in Praia Grande

Leandro is one of the leaders of the "jovens" (young adults) group in his church, and we know him from our project in the schools. He is a teacher in a municipal school in Praia Grande, and he has helped us recently as an interpreter in one of the schools we spoke in Praia Grande in March. He is a blessing to us, as he is very enthusiastic to help us to reach students & teachers for Jesus, and he is a good interpreter, and he has recommended us to other schools in Praia Grande - which should help open more doors for us to share Jesus in these schools. The theme for the night was American night, since we are American missionaries, and Leandro was my interpreter. There were many more people who came than just the young adult group of the church, and there we a good crowd in the service. Kevin spoke about God's call and his mission to reach and save lost people, and how He calls all of us to join Him in His redemptive Kingdom work. God spoke to many hearts, and they received the message enthusiastically. We also shared the Gospel and 1 young man received Christ and committed his life to Him.


  The theme was "American Night"                                 Some of the people in the service                                Leandro and I preaching the Word  

  April 11-12: Speak at EE Maria Thereza Pedroso school in Sao Vicente

We worked with Primeria Igreja Batista Sao Vicente in our Qualidade De Vida project in this state school in Sao Vicente. The school is for students from the 5th grade to high school. The participation of the church was excellent, and we had 4 or 5 people each day from the church to help us to share Jesus with the students and teachers. God did a great work in the hearts of many, and many hearts were open and ready & willing to hear the Good News of Jesus. 464 students, 6 teachers, the school coordinator, and the vice principal accepted Christ and committed their lives to Him. Another blessing is that the school wants more help from the church to help their students & families, and the vice principal Fabiana has already spoken to Pr. Dener from the church about this.


              Part of our team on Mon. morning                        Kevin and interpreter Regina sharing Jesus                   Nancy & interpreter Marcela leading prayer     

April 17: Preach at Capela Calvario in Sao Vicente

We have recently begun to work with Capela Calvario in the city of Sao Vicente to help them to share Christ in their community. One of our interpreters, Patricia, who has helped us in a couple of schools, is a member of the church. The church is led by Pastor Celso and Pastor Chris, who is from Germany. We will be working with them in a school near the church in May, and we will also be leading a People Sharing Jesus seminar at the church on 2 Sunday mornings in June. Kevin had the privilege of preaching in the Sunday night service at Capela Calvario recently. In Brazil the night service is the main service on Sunday, unlike the US where the morning service is the largest attended service. Pastor Chris was Kevin's interpreter. We had a great time of worship with our new friends there, and God spoke in a powerful way in the hearts of the people. Towards the end of the service we shared the Gospel and 4 people accepted Christ and committed their lives to Him.


            Kevin and Pr. Chris                                       Some of the people attending the service                            Kevin and Pr. Chris sharing Jesus 

April 22: Preach at Capela Calvario's Culto da Paixao (Good Friday service) in Sao Vicente:

We were invited to join Capela Calvario in São Vicente to celebrate with them what Jesus has done for us on the cross, and Kevin had the privilege of speaking in their "Culto Da Paixão" (Good Friday service or Passion service). The special event was held at a club in São Vicente, and afterwards we joined the church for a great meal of "churrasco" (Brazilian BBQ) and wonderful fun and fellowship. Pr. Celso was Kevin's  interpreter and we spoke about God's passion for us and for lost people, and how He needs to touch & change our hearts and put His passion and love into us. At the end of the service we shared the Good News of Jesus and 5 people accepted Christ as their Lord & Savior and committed their lives to Him. Praise God.


Worshipping & praising the Lord                              Kevin & Pr. Celso preaching God's Word                          Some of the members and visitors 

April 25-27: Speak at EE Rene Rodriguez school in Guaruja

We held our Qualidade De Vida project in this state school in Guarujá on a Monday morning, Tuesday night, and Wednesday afternoon. The school is for students in 5th grade through high school, and it also has classes for adults at night. Once again God prepared a great harvest ahead of us, and many students and teachers were ready and willing to hear the wonderful news of Jesus. The reception at the school was great, and the teachers and leaders very much liked and appreciated the project and our help. After 3 days of speaking in the classes, 604 students and 11 teachers and the principal Therezinha accepted Christ and committed their lives to Him. We praise God for what He has done, and we pray that He will continue to do more in the hearts and lives of those who received Christ. The school also recommended us to 4 other schools in Guarujá, and also wants us to come back and speak to the parents at a future parents meeting. The only negative thing that happened during our project was that the church nearby that had agreed to help us did not send anyone to help. We are not allowed to talk about a specific church in the classrooms, but we do tell them they need a good church to help them with their relationship with the Lord and to learn His plan for their lives, and we tell them we can discuss it more outside of the classroom. A few of the students and the principal Therezinha asked us about church, and so our interpreters that helped us told them about their churches.


            Us and interpreters Lucas & Ariel                        Nancy and interpreter Tainara sharing Jesus                    Kevin & interpreter Atani in a night class       


                Some of the guys in a 6th grade class                                One of the adult night classes                          Kevin & interpreter Pedro speaking to students        

Prayer Requests & Praises

* Please pray that God will touch and save many people during our upcoming events, for His glory:  

 May 9-10:   Speak at EM Jacob Andrade school in Sao Vicente ...  May 16-19:   Speak at EM Cidade de Santos school in Santos ...  May 30-June 2:  Speak at EE 1 de Maio school in Guaruja.

* Please pray that God will give us his wisdom and guidance as we seek to find good churches to participate and help us in our outreach events in the schools, and that are willing to do the important follow-up and discpiling work with the new believers and their families. Some churches say they will do so, and then their participation is weak or sometimes they do not send anyone to help . Typically if a church does not participate well in the outreach event, there is little or no effort to do the important follow-up work later. This is our greatest difficulty here.

* Please pray for the people who have recently accepted Christ, that they will find a good church home, and that they will grow in their walk with the Lord. 

* Please pray for our son John ... he has had a problem with his inner ear and has a form of vertigo that is causing alot of dizziness and problems. Thanks for your prayers.

Special thanks to our interpreters who helped us in recent events: Leandro, Leticia, Regina, Marcela, Pr. Chris, Pr. Celso, Ariel, Lucas, Atani, Tainara, and Pedro.

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