Kevin & Nancy Bart - Sharing Christ In Brazil - May 2010 Newsletter

Dear Friends,  in many ways we have gotten off to a great start in our new area known as the "Baixada Santista", which includes the cities of Santos, Guaruja, Cubatao, Sao Vicente, Praia Grande, and others. We have met with 14 pastors & churches thus far and all seem to be excited to receive our help to share Christ in their communities, and also we have scheduled all of our school events for the entire year except 1. The reception in most of the schools (many but not all) has been very good, and we praise God for this and for going ahead of us to open these doors. One of the things that has not been going so well is the school events that we have had here early this year. One event last month was stopped by the vice-principal, and we are working on rescheduling the rest of the event with the principal, who was in favor of our project but she was on vacation that week. In the 2 other schools in this area we had scheduled up until now, we have had problems with the schools' lack of organization, and this has caused us a lot of problems of having to organize and then reorganize (and in one case reorganize a 3rd time) because of last minute schedule changes. One of these was this past week; we were scheduled to speak 3 days in the school, and when we arrived on the first day the school informed us that we could not do the event because of tests they were having all week. They did not mention this when we had called (twice) to try to confirm the event. Although we are frustrated with some things, we know that God is in front leading the way, and we will continue to do our part and trust Him with the results. Please continue to pray for us as we engage in this spiritual war for the precious souls of those that God loves so passionately.

- Kevin & Nancy ,   John 4:35 - "Jesus said, I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields. They are ripe for harvest."

Recent Events & Results:

April 2:  Preach at Igreja Batista Nova Cintra , Santos

Igreja Batista Nova Cintra is a small church that is struggling. Pastor Samuel is the young pastor there. Igreja Batista Central, another church in Santos led by Pastor Carlos, helped them on Good Friday to have an evangelism project where they visited homes in the area and also shared Christ with people in the streets. That night the church held a Good Friday service to celebrate the people who accepted Christ during the event and to commemorate Christ's sacrifice for us on the cross. I had the privilege of speaking that night, and I spoke on God's passion for all people to be saved and have a reconciled relationship with Him, and how we the church have the responsibility to take the message of Christ to all people. In Brazil Good Friday is called Paixao de Cristo, or Passion of Christ, which is a great name. At the end of the service 1 person accepted Christ.


              Some of the people at the service                      Praying with Pr. Carlos and interpreter Camila            Camila and I sharing Christ at the end of the service

April 11:  Preach at Igreja Batista Areia Branca , Santos

This is another church that we have started to work with to help share Christ in the Vila Sao Jorge and Areia Branca areas of Santos. The church is lead by Pastor Ilson. I preached a message to encourage and challenge all of the members of the church to join God in His passion and His work to reach out to all people who are without Christ. A member of the church, Antonio, helped as my interpreter. We also shared the Gospel at the end of the message and 2 people accepted Christ and comitted their lives to Him.


                 The worship team at the church                                   Preaching with interpreter Antonio                  Antonio and I sharing Christ at the end of the service  

April 19-20:  Speak at EE Gracinda state school, Santos

We worked with Igreja Batista Areia Branca in this state school near their church. At first the school leaders were apprehensive about our project, as they thought we would be speaking about a specific religion or denomination, which is against the rules in Brazil. God gave us favor in the school, and the leaders very much liked our project and our speech. We spoke in the school on a Monday morning and Tuesday afternoon, and we were scheduled to speak also on Thu. night but the school cancelled classes that night because of a shootout near the school where 1 policeman and 1 criminal were killed, and there were threats of more violence for the area. In 2 days 304 students and 7 teachers accepted Christ. We are scheduled to return to the school on the night of May 19th.  


  Nancy & interpreter Heloisa sharing Christ            Us, interpreters Heloisa & Rebeca, and the church team         Ricardo and I speaking to a group of students


    Enjoying break time talking to some students                      Some students asking Nancy questions                Nancy & interpreter Mariana praying with students

April 25:  Preach at Primeira Igreja Batista Solemar, Praia Grande

This is another church we have started to work with to help them to share Christ. Pastor Jaime is the shepherd of the church, which is located in a poor area in Praia Grande. We will be working with them in a nearby school in late October, and we will help them in other ways also. Nancy sang and I had the privilege of preaching in the service, and Rebeca helped as my interpreter. God spoke very strongly in people's hearts and many were convicted and challenged to join God in His work and passion of reaching people who are without Christ. We also shared the Gospel and 11 people accepted Christ and committed their lives to Him.


 Nancy singing in the worship service                           Some of the people attending the service                         Preaching with interpreter Rebeca      


Prayer Requests & Praises   

* Please continue to pray for the sale of our house in Sao Caetano (it has been almost 10 months). We need the money from the house to be able to make some investment income to fund our ministry.

* We praise God that we have been able to schedule many schools lately and we are almost finished scheduling for the rest of the year. Also, we recently were able to get the approval from the department of education for the state schools located in Santos, Cubatao, and Guaruja; this will open more doors for us to speak in the state schools.   

* Please pray that God will touch & save many people, and that He will be glorified by all we do in our upcoming events:  May 2  : Preach at Igreja Batista Pq. Bitaru in Sao Vicente ...  May 9 : Preach at Primeira Igreja Batista Sao Vicente ...  May 10-13, 17-18 :  Speak at EE Azevedo Jr. state school in Santos ...  May 19 : Speak at EE Gracinda school in Santos...  May 23:  Preach at Igreja Batista Jardim Primavera in Guaruja ...  May 31-June 1 : speak at EE Maria Odila state school in Sao Paulo.

* Please pray for the churches we work with as they try to continue to work with the schools we speak in to help the students & families, and as they try to disciple the people who have accepted Christ.

Special thanks to Camila, Antonio, Rebeca (2 times), Heloisa, Mariana, Ricardo, Alexandre, Elisa, Elynice, and Andrea for helping us as interpreters in recent events in March.We appreciate your help and your willingness to serve the Lord.

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