The Bart Family - Sharing Christ In Sao Paulo Brazil - May 2009 Newsletter

Dear Friends,  It is a very special time here in Brazil and God is doing many great things. You can read about some of the great things God is doing in Brazil on our blog at this link: A Very Special Time In Brazil . We continue to see more and more pastors and churches here catching God's vision to reach out in love to others and to share the Good News and to make disciples, and many are passionately responding in obedience. And we continue to see great numbers of people responding to the Gospel and accepting Christ. The harvest has been prepared by our Lord, and now there is a need for more workers and faithful witnesses. Please continue to pray for us,  that God's hand will continue to be with us as we join Him in seeking and reaching out to the lost people who are without Christ. Your prayers and encouragement are a great blessing to us, and are always appreciated.     - Kevin & Nancy (Acts 8:1,4 ; 11:21)

April Events & Results:

April 4-5 - Special Evangelism Weekend in  Poa, Sao Paulo

We worked with Pastor Wagner of Igreja Batista Boas Novas in Sao Paulo and over 150 young people from their youth group and young adult choir, and also with Primeira Igreja Batista Cidade Kemel in Poa for a special weekend of evangelism in the city of Poa. Poa is a poor community and is located about 1- 1/2 hours from where we live. On Saturday afternoon the youth and young adult groups from the churches went house to house in Poa to invite people to a special evangelical musical held on Sat. night in the municipal sports complex. The church printed out 10,000 invites to the special event. Between 500-600 people came to the event that night, and I had the privilege of speaking and sharing Christ. After that the young adult choir, directed by Pastor Wagner's wife Marta,  performed a musical and they did a great job. 30 people accepted Christ on Saturday night. Then on Sunday Nancy & John and I worked with Pastor Goes and the church again in Poa. I preached in the Sunday morning and Sunday night services, and in the afternoon we made 2 visits to families to share Christ, and then at 5:30 that afternoon we led part of the People Sharing Jesus seminar in the church. 4 more people accepted Christ on the afternoon visits, and 7 accepted Christ in the Sunday night service, so in total 41 people accepted Christ during the weekend. We are praying and seeking God about doing more of these types of events.


     Over 150 youth/young adults participated                           the municipal sports complex in Poa                        Me, Pastor Wagner, and interpreter Elizabete 


   Interpreter Elizabete and I sharing Jesus                  The young adult choir performing in the musical                some of the 500-600 people in attendance


 One of our Sun. afternoon visits to share Jesus             John and Elizabete leading part of the seminar               Preaching in the evening service with Elizabete

April 12 - Preach at Igreja Batista Nova Alianca - Vila Formosa  - Sao Paulo

We are just beginning to work with Pastor Luis Heraldo and this church, and the Pastor asked me to preach in the morning service. I talked about how God wants all members of the church to join Him in reaching out to others with the Gospel, not just the pastor and a small group of people in the church. We will be working with them in a school at the end of May, and in other ways in the future.

April 13-16, 22 : Speak at EE Moacyr Campos school - Aricanduva  - Sao Paulo  

We worked with Pastor Marcos and Igreja Batista Vila Antonieta in this large school in the Aricanduva area of Sao Paulo, and it took us 5 days to speak in all of the 67 classes. The school is for students in 5th to 8th grades and in high school. The vast majority of the time we do not have problems when we speak in the schools, but we had some small problems with a couple of the teachers in this school. One would not let us into his class, and we had to speak to the director of the school about it. The director loved our project, and he helped to take care of the problem and we were able to speak in the class. The director said that there are a couple of teachers that are anti-American communist types (his words not ours). Fortunately this is very rare here, and the reception at the schools has been great. God moved greatly and 1954 students and 24 teachers accepted Christ, and many students were interested in getting more info. about the church.


        Speaking in a class with interpreter Iraci                          Some of the students at the school                            John and interpreter Alessandro in a class   


    Interpreters Elaine & Andrea, and our team             Sharing Jesus with interpreter Eduardo and others              Our team and interpreters Alessandro & Karina

Prayer Requests

* Please pray for Nancy - she will have surgery on April 29 to remove some vericose vains in her legs, which cause her some pain and discomfort.

* Please pray that God will bless and use the following events in May to reach many people for Christ , for His glory :   May 6-7 -  Speak in EE Paulo Cavalcantes school in Vila Formosa - Sao Paulo ;    May 10 - Preach in Igreja Metodista in Sao Paulo ;   May 12-14  - Speak in EE Julieta Farao school in Sapopemba - Sao Paulo ;    May 24, 31  -  People Sharing Jesus seminar at Igreja Batista Ebenezer in Agua Rasa - Sao Paulo ;    May 25 - speak in EE Frederico school in Vila Formosa - Sao Paulo ;   May 29 - speak to parents at the parents meeting at EE Frederico school in Vila Formosa - Sao Paulo

* We are having more meetings with schools to schedule future events to share Christ - please pray that God will continue to open many doors & opportunities for us to share Christ.

Special thanks to the interpreters that helped us in April: Elizabete, Aldrey, Iraci, Alessandro, Eduardo, Andrea, Elaine, and Karina. We very much appreciate your help, and we are happy to see God using you so much to reach others for Christ.

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