The Bart Family - Sharing Christ In Sao Paulo Brazil - June 2009 Newsletter

Dear Friends,   It is hard to believe that in 1 month from now this year will already be half over, and in 7 months from now we will be starting another new decade. The saying that time flies really is true. The quick passing of time reminds us that Christ's return is closer and closer, and that our time to reach people without Christ and to build God's Kingdom is getting shorter and shorter. We must all continue to work hard and give our best in reaching out to those without Christ. All of us have the responsibility and privilege to serve the Lord and to join Him in helping others have a reconciled relationship with Him. Please continue to pray that the Lord's strength and power and protection will be upon us, as we strive to do all we can here to reach out in God's love. We need faithful prayer partners to continue to pray and intercede for us, and we need the Lord's hand with us, or we will never see any victories or success.       - Kevin & Nancy (2 Corinthians 2:14)

May Events & Results:

May 5-6 : Speak at EE Paulo Cavalcanti school - Vila Fomosa, Sao Paulo

We worked with Pastor Eliseu and Igreja Evangelica Da Fe in this school in the East Zone of Sao Paulo. The school has students from the 1st grade to 4th grade. We spoke in 18 classes, and each class in this school had 2 teachers or a teacher and an aide in the class. God touched many hearts in the school, and 25 of the teachers or aides accepted Christ, and some of them were very emotional after they received Christ. One teacher that accepted Christ told us that 1/2 of the students in her class come from troubled families with drug problems, alcoholism, abuse,...  Also 443 of the students accepted Christ. The leaders of the school very much appreaciated our help, and they recommended us to 10 other schools.


        Pr. Eliseu & his team, John, Nancy, and Elma                        Nancy and I sharing Jesus in a class                   John, interpreter Elma, and their team sharing Christ 

May 10 - Preach at Igreja Metodista Livre - Cangaiba  - Sao Paulo

Our friend Adriana, who has helped us as an interpreter in a school, is a member of the church and they invited me to preach for one of their missions services. We will be working with them in the future in some schools in their area. The church enthusiastically received the message and challenge for every member of the church to be a faithful "fisher of men" and missionary in their daily life, whether God calls them to a different place or not. I also preached the Gospel and 8 people accepted Christ.


  Part of the praise team leading worship                              Preaching with interpreter Adriana                        Some of the people in the worship service

May 12-14 : Speak at EE Julieta Farao school - Sapopemba  - Sao Paulo  

We worked with Pastor Roberto and Igreja Batista Luz Para As Nacoes in this school in the Sapopemba area of Sao Paulo, which is a very poor area. We spoke in 41 classes in the school on Tuesday morning, Wednesday afternoon, and Thursday night. The school has 1st graders through high school, and also has some classes at night for adults. The Lord moved in a powerful way, and He touched & saved 948 students and 13 teachers. One thing that happened on Wednesday morning before we arrived was that a gang that is from nearby had tried to take some of the students from the school, but thankfully the police intervened and stopped them. There are many problems in the favelas and poor areas with drugs, violence, alcoholism,... Please pray for the people that live in these areas.


   Pastor Roberto (center) and our team at the school           John, interpreter Fabiane, & Kelly sharing Jesus              Me, interpreter Regis, Pr. Roberto and our team   

May 24, 31 - People Sharing Jesus seminar - Igreja Batista Ebenezer - Mooca - Sao Paulo

We began working with and helping Pastor Manoel and IB Ebenezer this year, and Kevin has already preached once in the church and we also helped them in February on a special evangelism trip to Sao Manuel. The church participation was very good for the seminar, and over 75 people learned to be and committed to be a faithful and effective witness for Christ. We will be working with the church in 2 schools in their area to share Jesus, one in June and one in August.


     Interpreter Pamella and I leading part of the seminar                The seminar at Igreja Batista Ebenezer           John and Pamella teaching how to share Jesus confidently

May 25 - Speak at EE Frederico school - Vila Carrao - Sao Paulo

We worked with Pastor Luis Horaldo and Igreja Batista Nova Alianca in this school for 1st through 4th graders. We spoke in 12 classes and 295 students and 10 teachers and Vice-Director Liliana accepted Christ. We had a great time at the school and they want us to come back some day in the future, and they are open to receiving more help from the church.


 Interpreter Iraci and I sharing Jesus in a class          V.Director Liliana (front) with our team at the school         Iraci & Marta giving "Livro Da Vida" to students

Prayer Requests

* Please pray for us as we are seeking the Lord and His voice & will about a move to another city in Brazil in the future. We are sensing that the Lord is guiding us to make this move and change, and we are seeking and waiting for His wisdom and guidance about the details.

* Please pray that God will bless and use the following events in June to reach many people for Christ , for His glory :   June  1-3 -  Speak in EE Manuela school in Sao Joao Climaco - Sao Paulo ;    June 15 - Speak in EE Anita Atalla school in Vila Zelina - Sao Paulo ;   June 22-23   - Speak in EE Antonio de Queiroz school in Mooca - Sao Paulo 

* We praise God that we have already been able to schedule speaking events in schools through the end of this year. Thank you for your prayers. God continues to open many doors to share Christ.

Special thanks to the interpreters that helped us in May: Christiane, Flavia, Elma, Ruth, Adriana, Regis, Fabiane, Paulo, Adriane, Wilame, Leandro, Pamella, Iraci, and Alessandro. We very much appreciate your help, and you are all very special to us.

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