Kevin & Nancy Bart - Sharing Christ In Brazil - June 2010 Newsletter

Dear Friends,  We continue to see God touching and transforming many lives, and many are receiving Christ as their Lord & Savior and committing their lives to Him. We are very concerned about what is happening to the new believers after they receive Christ, especially in the schools. We do various things in our events in the schools to try to help the new believers to start growing in their new relationship with the Lord - we always work with a church near the school; we always try to facilitate a relationship between the church and the school, so the church can try to work with the school and families afterwards; after the prayer to receive Christ we speak about how important it is for them to have a good church that teaches the Bible and about Jesus to help them in their new relationship with the Lord and to learn His plan for their lives; we pass out a magazine called "Livro Da Vida", which is a great tool to start teaching & discipling the new believers (it has many Bible verses & principals about many subjects & values for life). We also pray alot for them, that God will continue to work in their hearts and lives. We know that some have started going to the churches we work with, and some go to others churches, but we also know that many have not been going to any church. And unfortunately sometimes some of the churches we work with are not doing a good job in the important follow-up work. Please join us in praying for the new believers, and please continue to pray for those that we will be sharing Christ with in future events.

- Kevin & Nancy ,  Acts 4:13 - "When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus."

Recent Events & Results:

May 2:  Preach at Igreja Batista Parque Bitaru , Sao Vicente

This is a small church located in a very poor area in Sao Vicente. The church is led by Pastor Jose, and we will be helping them to share Christ in their community. We are going to try to schedule some schools in their area next year and in the future. Nancy sang and then I preached a message to encourage and challenge every member of the church to be obedient and participate in God's work of reaching out to the lost with the Good News of Jesus. At the end of the message I shared the Gospel and 6 people received Christ and committed their lives to Him.

May 8:  Outreach Event at Igreja Batista Marape in Santos

Igreja Batista Marape is one of 4 locations for a ministry called Pro-Viver, run by Primeira Igreja Batista Santos, which is a ministry for needy children and families. IB Marape had a special outreach event for mothers on Mothers Day weekend, which included providing various services for mothers such as hair cuts & styling, manicures, health tests & screening, legal counsel,... The children also learned some songs to sing for their mothers during a special service at the end of each of the morning and afternoon sessions. Afterwards I spoke in each service and shared the Gospel. We praise God that 22 people received Christ and committed their lives to Him that day.


          Some of the children singing for their mothers                       Interpreter Elisa and I sharing Christ                      Some of the people in the morning service              

May 9:  Preach at Primeira Igreja Batista Sao Vicente

We have recently started working with Pastor Gilberto and the church to help them to reach those without Christ in Sao Vicente, a city located next to Santos. We will be working with them in a school in Sao Vicente in August and hopefully many others in the future, and also in a variety of other ways to spread the Gospel message. Pastor Gilberto invited me to preach in the morning service on Mothers Day and it was a great privilege. A member of the church, Leticia, helped as my interpreter. God spoke to many hearts and the members of the church received His message very well. God also moved in a great way in the hearts of people without Christ, an 32 people received Christ and committed their lives to Him that day. 


              The worship team at the church                                     Pr. Gilberto, Leticia, and I                                 praying for the people who accepted Christ     

May 10-13, 17-18:  Speak at EE Azevedo Junior state school, Santos

We worked with Igreja Batista Marape in this large state school for students in the 5th grade through high school. We also had help from several members of Igreja Batista Nova Jerusalem as interpreters. It took 6 days to speak in all of the classes, and we had a great time with the students and teachers. God had many hearts prepared for us, and we praise Him that 932 students and 18 teachers received Christ and committed their lives to Him. Another nice thing that happened was that one of the teachers at night (she is a Catholic) told Nancy and her interpreter Regina that she and a group of teachers have been praying together and asking God to send them someone to help them with some problems they are having with some students, and then we showed up at the school. There is an opening and an opportunity at the school for the church to continue helping the students, teachers, and families, and we are trying to challenge them to do the follow-up work.   


    Nancy & interpreter Nayara sharing Christ                 Interpreter Camila and I speaking in a night class            Interpreters Samuel, Willena, Camila and us    

May 19:  Speak at EE Gracinda state school in Santos 

We spoke at this school on 2 days in April, but on the 3rd night the school cancelled classes because of some violence near the school and threats of more violence for that night. We spoke in the night classes for high school students, and also in some classes for adults studying to get their high school degree. We had a very nice time at the school that night, and God moved powerfully and 85 students and 2 teachers received Christ and commited their lives to Him.

May 23:  Preach at Igreja Batista Jardim Primavera in Guaruja

This is another church we have started to work with to help them to share Christ. The church, which is headed by Pastor Alipio, is located in an area of Guaruja with middle class residents and it also has a favela nearby with many poor people. We will be working with them in a school near the church in October and in others in the future. I had the privilege of preaching in the Sunday night service, and Vera helped as my interpreter. Vera and her husband Harold are from Germany and moved to Brazil 3 1/2 years ago, and they own a hotel on Enseada Beach in Guaruja. The church members seemed to respond well to the message and challenge to join God in His work by sharing the Gospel and reaching others for Christ and then working hard to make disciples. I also shared the Gospel at the end of the service and 3 people received Christ and committed their lives to Him. 


                    Preaching with interpreter Vera                           Some of the people attending the service                  Preaching the Gospel at the end of the service      

May 31- June 1:  Speak at EE Maria Odila state school, Ipiranga - Sao Paulo

We originally scheduled this school for last November, but they had to reshedule due to testing they had that week. The school is for students in 1st to 4th grades, and is located in the Ipiranga area of Sao Paulo. God truly blessed this event, and the school leaders, teachers, and students were very receptive to the Gospel and very appreciative afterwards. God prepared and opened many hearts, and 578 students and 22 teachers accepted Christ and committed their lives to Him. Unfortunately the church we were supposed to work with did not send any people to help, but God provided another way to continue to help the new believers and their families. One of our interpreters, Eduardo, goes to another church about 15-20 minutes from the school, and after the event we talked with some of the school leaders and they are very open to receive more help for the students & their families. Eduardo made arrangements for his church to start going to the school on a regular basis to do some events with puppets and music, and also some other things to work with and help families.   


              A teacher and some of the students               Eliana (coordenator), interpreter Eduardo, and Nancy                 Some of the students at break time             

Prayer Requests & Praises   

* We praise God that we have finally sold our house in Sao Caetano after 10 months.

* We are praying for God's guidance about the possibility of our son John coming back to Brazil to join us again in helping churches to reach out to people without Christ. Please pray that God will clearly guide and lead us, and also to give us confirmation of His will.    

* Please pray that God will touch & save many people, and that He will be glorified by all we do in our upcoming events:  June 13  : Preach at Primeira Igreja Batista Sao Vicente  ...  June 14-15  :  Speak at EMEF Florestan Fernandes municipal school in Santos ...  June 21-23 : Speak at EE Luiza Macuco state school in Santos ...   June 27 :  Preach at Igreja Batista Centenario in Santos.

* In the near future we are going to start pursuing dual citizenship. We have a "permanent" visa that needs to be renewed after 5 years, and we feel that it would be better in the long run to stay permanently in Brazil to pursue dual citizenship. You can apply for it after living in Brazil 4 years. Please pray for us as we search for an immigration lawyer to help us through the process, and that God would bless us to obtain the dual citizenship.

Special thanks to Camila, Elisa, Leticia, Nayara, Rebeca, Willena, Camila, Samuel, Regina, Alyne, Vera, Eduardo, Juninho, and Andrea for helping us as interpreters in recent events in May.We appreciate your help and your willingness to serve the Lord.

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