The Bart Family - Sharing Christ In Sao Paulo Brazil - February 2009 Newsletter

Dear Friends, we are getting into the busy part of our schedule again, and we are ready and anxious to get out more and share Christ with others. From Christmas to the end of Carnaval in February things are slower here in Brazil, as many people are on vacation and schools are out for the summer break. We will begin to speak in schools again in March, and also have other events and meetings scheduled. Please continue to lift us up in prayer, for God's strength and power and protection, and that He will be greatly glorified in all that we do.   - Kevin & Nancy (Joshua 1:5-9)

January/ February Events & Results:

January 18 - Preaching at Igreja Batista Vila Primavera - Sao Paulo

We have worked with Pastor Enio and the church in 6 schools in 2 years, and also had an excellent People Sharing Jesus seminar here in April 2007. I had the privilege of preaching in the church again in January, and God touched many hearts and 16 people accepted Christ.


      Preaching with interpretor Elizabete                     Praying for the 16 people who accepted Christ                   Nancy, Elizabete, and I after the service 

February 15 morning - Preaching at Igreja Batista Boa Esperanca  - Sao Paulo

We are just starting to work with Pastor Jozue and his church. We will be speaking in a very large school in their area early in March. I preached in the morning service, and God touched and saved 13 people.


           Pastor Jozue, Elizabete, and I                           Some of the people in the morning service                        Preaching with interpretor Elizabete     

February 15 night - Preaching at Igreja Batista Ebenezer; Agua Rasa - Sao Paulo  

We are just starting to work with Pastor Manoel and his church also. We will be speaking in schools in their area in the future, and will also be having a People Sharing Jesus seminar at the church in May. We were also invited to participate in their mission trip to do evangelism work in the city of Sao Manuel (see below). I preached in the evening service and God  touched many hearts to be faithful witnesses and also 3 people accepted Christ


    Preaching with interpretor Rachel                                Some of the people of the church                           The evening service at Igr. Bat. Ebenezer     

February 21-24 - Mission Trip with Igreja Batista Ebenezer ; Sao Manuel (state of Sao Paulo)

Pastor Manoel of Igreja Batista Ebenezer invited us to participate in their annual mission trip during the Carnaval holiday. This year it was in the city of Sao Manuel, which is in the state of Sao Paulo about 3 hours from Sao Paulo. 2 churches from Sao Paulo and 1 other from Sao Carlos participated in the evangelism work. In the morning and again in the afternoon many people went door to door to share Christ, and to invite people to the special events for kids and to an evangelistic musical the youth choir put on every night. There were also other evangelistic events. We had a great time helping and getting to know some of the people better, and many people accepted Christ.


 Some of the 190 people from 3 churches in Sao Paulo and Sao Carlos that participated in the evangelism work in Sao Manuel


        The youth choir of Igreja Batista Ebenezer performed a different evangelistic musical every night                A skit by the youth of Igreja Batista in Sao Carlos


Preaching in Igreja Batista Aeriopolis with interpretor Flavia on Sunday night (in the city of Aeriopolis, close to Sao Manuel)

Prayer Requests

* Please continue to pray for our son Daniel. He moved back to the US in February, and is staying with our friends Diane & Homer Rose. He is much happier there, so we praise God for that. He will need to continue to get some counseling there for awhile, and he is looking for a job. He will start college in Atlanta in August.

* Please pray that God will bless and use the following events in March to reach many people that are without Christ:   March 2-5 & 10-11 :  speaking in a large school in the Boa Esperanca area of Sao Paulo   ;   March 1, 8, 15 -  People Sharing Jesus seminar in Igreja Batista Vila Diva - Sao Paulo   ;    March 23  -  speaking in a school in the Sao Lucas area of Sao Paulo  ;   March 24 - speaking to teachers at a school in the IV Centenario area of Sao Paulo

* Please continue to pray that the churches we are working with will be able to continue to work with the schools and with the new believers, to help them grow and to disciple them.

Special thanks to the interpretors that helped us in January & February:  Elizabete, Rachel, and Flavia. You are very special to us, and we very much appreciate your help. 

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