Kevin & Nancy Bart - Sharing Christ In Brazil - December 2009 Newsletter

Dear Friends, our 3rd year of ministry in Brazil is winding down and we are amazed at how quickly the time is going by. Join us as we worship and praise our Lord Jesus for what He is doing here, and as we give Him thanks for the privilege of knowing Him personally and serving Him. Here are some of the things we have seen the Lord do in these 3 years:

- over 40,740 people have accepted the Lord Jesus and committed their lives to Him.
- over 825 teachers have accepted Christ in schools we have spoken in.
- 3 principals, 3 vice-principals, and 10 school coordenators have accepted Christ.
- we have spoken in 59 schools in 3 years.
- we have helped 40 churches to share the Gospel in their communities.
- we have trained over 1000 church members to share Christ through the People Sharing Jesus seminars.
- we estimate that we have presented the Gospel about 2000 times in 3 years (person-to-person, in schools, churches, homes,...), and are grateful to the Lord for these opportunities.

It amazes us to watch God and the Holy Spirit at work, touching and changing people and their hearts before our very eyes. Many times when we speak to adolescents and adults some of them appear hard and untouchable and not interested at first, but by the time we get to sharing the Gospel you can see Jesus' touch on their lives & hearts, and they change right before our eyes. Please pray that the churches we work with will be able to continue to help & guide & disciple the new believers. We hope all of you will have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. 

- Kevin & Nancy  I Timothy 2:4 - "God wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth."

November Events & Results:

Nov. 23-24 : Speak at EE Annita school in Cangaiba, Sao Paulo

This was our last school for the year. We had another one scheduled for the week before, but unfortunately we had to reschedule it for 2010 because of some changes in their testing schedule. This school is located in a poor area in the East Zone of Sao Paulo, and is for 1st to 4th graders. We worked with Igreja Metodista Livre in the school. One of our interpreter friends, Adriana, is a member of the church, and I preached there in May. The church participation was excellent, and we had alot of people to help us. We had a misunderstanding with one of the interpreters and we only had 1 for the 2nd day, but the church "happened to have" a person at the school that could help us. God is good and He always comes through when we need Him. God touched many hearts here, and 683 students and 13 teachers excepted Christ and committed their lives to Him. 


Interpreters Eduardo & Victor, and the church team    Part of the church team and interpreters Andre & Debra      Our team after speaking in the afternoon classes  

Nov. 28  : Speak to parents at EMEI school in Cubatao

We got the opportunity to work with Pastor Sidney and Igreja Batista Marape of Santos in their ministry to children in a favela (slum) in Cubatao. They minister to many children in the favela, and also share the Gospel with them during their events on Saturdays in a school. We had the privilege to speak to some of the parents while they were waiting for their children, and we praise God that 13 of the parents accepted Christ and committed their lives to Him.


        The favela (slum) in Cubatao                                            Part of the favela in Cubatao                          Some of the children the church ministers to  


                          Speaking to some of the parents                          Sharing Christ with interpreter Camila                    Camila explaining part of the Gospel in Portuguese         

Prayer Requests & Praises 

* We praise God that our son John got a job in Atlanta in November.

* We moved to Santos on Nov. 10 and we still need to sell our house in Sao Caetano. We had a buyer in October and we were disappointed that she did not qualify to get enough financing to buy our house. Then we learned of a law where we can adjust the value of our house upward for tax purposes so we will not have to pay taxes on the increase in value. We will adjust the value for our 2009 taxes, and if we do not sell the house until 2010 then we will not owe any taxes, which would have been around US $15,000. So it is actually better that we did not sell our house yet.

* Please pray for us as we are having meetings at schools and churches in Santos and the surrounding cities of Guaruja, Cubatao, Sao Vicente, and Praia Grande in December, January, and February to schedule events for 2010. We praise God that we have already been able to schedule events in schools through the end of May 2010, and that we have already met with 4 churches that want our help to share Christ.

* We had an important meeting recently to try to get the approval to speak in the municipal schools in Santos. There are 27 state schools in Santos, and 72 municipal schools, and we had to get the approval from the Santos education department. We praise God that we were able to get the approval, and this should open many doors for us to share Christ. 

* Please pray that we will have enough interpreters to help us when we start speaking in Santos and surrounding cities in 2010. We are basically starting over again here, so we need many interpreters.

Special thanks to the interpreters that helped us in November: Eduardo, Victor, Andre, Debra, and Camila. You are all very special to us and we appreciate your willingness to serve the Lord.

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