Kevin & Nancy Bart - Sharing Christ In Brazil - April 2010 Newsletter

Dear Friends,  We have begun our busy time of the year, which will last until December, and God continues to do great things here. He is opening many doors and opportunities for us to share Christ in churches and schools, and we are very pleased with how things are going, especially since we are new in this area of Brazil. And as usual whenever we have events to share Christ with a large number of people we experience an unusual amount of problems, complications, disappointments, and spiritual warfare. But God is our rock and strength, and He always leads us through these things and produces victory and fruitfulness, for His glory. At times this can be a very difficult life, but we would not trade it for anything. Thank you for praying for us. May God bless you, so that you can be a blessing to others and help others to know of God's love and salvation. We hope that you have a great Easter. 

- Kevin & Nancy , Psalm 67:1-3 - "May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face shine upon us, that your ways may be known on earth, your salvation among all nations. May the peoples praise you, O God; may all the peoples praise you."

Recent Events & Results:

March 8-9, 15-17:  EMEF Jose Lins do Rego school , Sao Mateus - Sao Paulo

We know the coordenator of this school from the church we used to attend in Sao Paulo. They had wanted us to speak in the school last year, but we already had a full schedule so we did it this year. The school is in the Sao Mateus area of Sao Paulo, which is a very poor area. It is a large school, and they have students between 1st and 8th grade, as well as adults studying at night to get their high school diploma. We worked with Pastor Haroldo and Igreja Batista IV Centenario, and it seems that they will have more opportunities to work with the students & families in the school. The second week that we spoke in the school was a very difficult week for us with many problems (interpreter cancellations, car problems for us and 1 of our interpreters, and others), but God did some very special things in the hearts of many people. 979 students and 23 teachers accepted Christ and comitted their lives to Him, including over 100 adults studying at night.


Sao Mateus is a very poor area in Sao Paulo                       Our team on one of the days we spoke                     Some of the students in an 8th grade class 


  Nancy & interpreter Elizabete sharing Jesus                 Some of the adult students studying at night                    Interpreter Elaine and I speaking in a class  

March 21: Nancy sang & Kevin preached at Igreja Batista Nova Jerusalem in Santos

This is another church that we have started to work with to help share Christ with others. The church us lead by Pastor Wilson. We will be working with them in a nearby school in early August and in others in the future. Nancy had the opportunity to sing for the church, and I had the privilege to preach in the evening service. Rebeca, a member of the church, was my interpreter and she did a great job. We shared the Gospel at the end of the message and 7 people accepted Christ and comitted their lives to Him. Afterwards we had a great time of fellowship and enjoyed getting to know some of the church members better.


      Nancy singing "Because He Lives"                           Some of the people in the evening service                      Preaching & sharing Christ with Rebeca

March 29-30: EE Marques de Sao Vicente school in Santos

We worked with Igreja Batista Central and Pastor Carlos in this state school for students in the 5th grade through high school. We were scheduled to speak in 15 classes on March 29 and in 14 classes on March 30. Unfortunately we only spoke in 9 high school classes on the first day before the recess time, and apparently a teacher complained that we were talking about religion, which is not allowed in the classroom in public schools, and the vice-director told us we could not continue. The vice-director appears to be a Spiritist, and she was very cold towards us and she acted like she did not want us to be there. We had a very good meeting with the director of the school in November and scheduled the event with her, and she was very receptive and she even recommended us to 4 other schools in Santos. Unfortunately she was on vacation during the event, so we need to contact her when she gets back and try to reschedule the classes we were not able to finish. We do not speak about religion or specific churches or denominations, in order to respect the laws, but we do speak about God's love for all of us and about how to have a personal relationship through Christ, and we share the Gospel clearly. The surprising thing about it all was how well it had gone in the classes we spoke in. We thought that it was one of the better school experiences that we have had in the 62 schools we have spoken in so far. Most of the students in the 9 classes we spoke in responded to the Holy Spirit and 171 students and 2 teachers accepted Christ before we stopped, and the vast majority liked it very much. Please pray that God will touch the heart of the director Lila and that we will be able to finish speaking in the other classes in the future.


  Nancy & interpeter Lindsey speaking in a class                          Nancy, Pr. Carlos, and our team                               Sharing Christ with interpreter Andrea       

Prayer Requests & Praises   

* Please continue to pray that we may be able to sell our house in Sao Caetano. We are hoping to sell it soon. We thought we had it sold a couple of weeks ago, but the buyer backed out at the last minute, which was very disappointing for us. It was the 2nd time this happened to us.

* Please pray for us as we continue to have meetings at schools and with churches in Santos and the surrounding cities of Guaruja, Cubatao, Sao Vicente, Praia Grande,... to schedule events for the second half of 2010. So far the scheduling of schools is going very well and we have scheduled events into October. We praise God for the doors that He has already opened for us to share Christ.   

* Please pray that God will touch and save many people, and that He will be glorified by all that we do during the following upcoming events:  April 1  : Speak to teachers at EE Gracinda school in Santos...  April 2:  preach at Igreja Batista Nova Cintra (Good Friday service)...  April 11:  preach at Igreja Batista Areia Branca in Santos ...  April 12-14 : speak at EE Gracinda school in Santos ... April 27-29  : speak at EE Braz Cubas school in Santos

* We still need to have more interpreters to help us during our visits to the schools. We are having a particularly difficult time finding people who can help us in the morning period. Please pray that God will provide more people to help us. Although we can speak Portuguese in the schools, it works very well to capture the interest of the students (and teachers) when we speak English.

Special thanks to Elaine, Alessandro, Elizabete, Elma, Rebeca, Andrea, and Lindsey for helping us as interpreters in recent events in March.We appreciate your help and your willingness to serve the Lord.

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